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Lonati YouTube What if Your Child is Hurt or Injured at Daycare

Kids are considerably less likely to be injured at a child care than they are at their homes, according to a 2005 Georgia study D, but it does happen. Also, serious injuries at daycare frequently go unreported, which is why the Lonati Law Firm is trying to make parents aware of Georgia daycare laws. If your child has been abused or injured at a daycare in Georgia, you don’t have to go through this fight alone. 

We understand it is heartbreaking to think about your child being harmed by someone who was supposed to protect them, but it can happen. We also believe those who cause others pain should pay for it. That’s why we fight hard for our clients to get the compensation and justice they deserve for these situations. 

People put their trust in daycare providers. When that trust is broken and a child is injured, the daycare should pay. At Lonati Law, we believe victims should be compensated for damages from negligence. That’s why we fight for what’s right. If you want to learn more, call 678-363-3500 to request a free consultation! 

What Is Daycare Abuse or Neglect in Dallas, GA? 

Daycare abuse and negligence are a range of inappropriate or unsafe activities in a childcare environment. This includes unsanitary facilities, an improper child-to-carer ratio, or a lack of supervision. Abuse and neglect at daycare can leave children traumatized mentally and physically. 

Georgia daycares are legally required to follow strict guidelines, but many don’t. At Lonati Law, we help clients prove if the daycare breached their duty of care and hold them accountable for their fault in the situation. We strive to provide compassionate legal services to clients while being aggressive in the courtroom. 

Negligence in Dallas, GA, Daycares: 

You may be wondering what duty of care and breach of duty means. These terms are often used when daycares abuse or neglect children. The following explains negligence in daycares in more detail: 

Duty of Care 

Duty of care is the standard that a reasonable adult should provide a child. Daycares are required to follow a duty of care in all areas of the facility. This means clean, safe, and functional bathrooms, play areas, eating tables, kitchens, and playgrounds. 

Breach of Duty 

A breach of duty is when the daycare staff does not follow the standards. This could mean they do not look after children closely, have an unsanitary environment, or have unsafe equipment, toys, or playgrounds. Daycare providers can intentionally and unintentionally breach their duties. 

Signs Your Child Is Being Abused at Daycare in Dallas, GA: 

If you notice your child is acting strangely or if their behavior has suddenly shifted, it’s important to consider all possibilities. The following signs are often exhibited by children suffering abuse at daycare: 

  • Coming home hungry or thirsty
  • Unexplained cuts, bruises, or other injuries
  • Behavior changes, such as irritableness, fear, or anger
  • Pain or discomfort around the genitals
  • Lethargy or extreme fatigue
  • Coming home in soiled diapers
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Sudden developmental delays
  • Avoidance or fear associated with daycare

If you suspect your child is being abused, taking the proper steps immediately is important. 

What To Do If Your Child Is Injured at Daycare in Dallas, GA: 

If your child was injured at daycare and you believe it was due to negligence, you must get them to a doctor immediately. Doctors are well-versed in identifying signs of abuse. Visiting a doctor also starts the paper trail if you have a case against the center. 

After determining the cause, you should consider contacting a daycare abuse attorney. They help clients to create strong cases, prove fault, and seek damages for their children’s suffering. A daycare abuse attorney can help guide you through this time with compassion and help protect you and your childs rights. 

FAQs About Daycare Negligence Attorneys in Dallas, GA: 

Many people have the same questions about daycare abuse and neglect. We’ve compiled those questions and answers for you below: 

How Do I File a Complaint Against a Daycare in Georgia? 

In Georgia, parents can file a complaint against a daycare provider through the Department of Early Care and Learning. The website also allows parents to view past complaints against daycares, which is a great tool for choosing a provider. 

If you believe you have a case against the daycare, consider speaking to an attorney about a lawsuit. This is different from a complaint and takes things a bit further. At Lonati Law Firm, we offer free consultations to help parents understand their legal options. Contact us today to schedule yours.

Do I Really Need a Daycare Abuse Lawyer? 

You may or may not need a daycare abuse lawyer. Each situation is unique and requires a lawyer to assess. If the daycare was negligent or outright abused your child, you may have a case. 

The only way to determine your legal options is to speak to an experienced lawyer. Call Lonati Law today at 678-363-3500 to request a free assessment and learn more about your legal options. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Daycare Negligence Lawyer? 

In Georgia, most if not all victims do not pay their lawyer unless the case is won. This gives lawyers even more incentive to help win cases because that is how we get paid. At Lonati Law, we are experienced attorneys who have won many successful verdicts. 

We offer free initial consultations if you want to learn more or see if you have a case. Contact us at 678-363-3500 to request your appointment. 

How Can I Determine If a Daycare Is Unsafe? 

An unsafe environment is sometimes difficult to determine. However, there are many things to look for before choosing a daycare. The following red flags may mean the daycare isn’t as safe as it seems: 

  • Inaccurate child-to-provider ratio
  • Open exits 
  • Broken cameras
  • Unstocked first aid kits
  • Disability or special needs violations
  • Ignored food allergies
  • Inadequate nutrition provided
  • Inappropriate behaviors (swearing or yelling)
  • Dirty or unsanitized environment
  • No quarantine policies for sick children 

Most daycare incidents are easily preventable. If the daycare followed the rules and regulations outlined by federal agencies, many issues would never happen. 

Benefits of Hiring a Daycare Injury Lawyer in Dallas, GA: 

There are numerous benefits to hiring a daycare injury lawyer in Dallas, GA. Not only do they have the legal knowledge that clients need, but they also provide peace of mind. Read more about the benefits outlined below: 

Legal Expertise 

By hiring a daycare injury attorney, clients gain their legal expertise. The laws surrounding daycares in Georgia are complicated or unclear at times. An experienced attorney can help clients navigate these laws by educating them and identifying breaches. 

Case Management 

Managing a daycare injury or abuse case can quickly become overwhelming. When clients hire a daycare abuse attorney, the law firm oversees all aspects of the case. This ranges from gathering statements and evidence to compiling a strong narrative for the court. 

Legal Representation 

Having a legal representative when dealing with a daycare abuse or injury case is invaluable for clients. The attorney represents them with outside agencies and in court, leaving the client significantly less stressed. 

Prove Fault 

A Georgia daycare negligence lawyer helps clients prove the daycare had a duty of care to the child in their care. Once this is established, attorneys work hard to prove the daycare was at fault for an injury, abuse, or other issue. 

How Lonati Law Firm Helps Clients

Lonati Law Firm cares about its clients. We work tirelessly to deliver outstanding legal services to clients. We provide extreme value to our clients through the following: 

3 Decades of Expertise 

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in legal services. We provide top-notch legal services across Georgia, and we fight for our clients to get the maximum compensation for their legal situations. 

Client-Focused Approach 

We provide each client with personalized services. Clients are more than just a number to us. Our team is committed to excellence and fights tirelessly to win our client’s cases. Personal injury cases often have strict guidelines, so we provide fast, efficient services so our clients don’t miss deadlines. 

Award-Winning Firm 

Lonati Law Firm is an award-winning legal office. Our expertise ranges across personal injury cases, including daycare abuse, DUIs, vehicle accidents, and slips and falls. We have been recognized with the following: 

  • 2022 Top Lawyer Award 
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyers 
  • Super Lawyer Rising Star 

Proven Success in Securing Large Settlements 

Lonati Law has successfully gotten large settlements for clients. We’ve helped DUI clients receive $150K and $300K. One of our wrongful death cases was awarded $2.2M. Our clients are our priority, and we strive to get the most for them. 

Request a Free Consultation With a Daycare Accident Lawyer in Dallas, GA

At Lonati Law, we aim to be one of the top daycare injury lawyers for the Dallas, Hiram, Douglasville and Kennesaw area. Our dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, and office staff work tirelessly to support our clients from the initial case to the final decision. 

If you are facing a daycare abuse situation, we want to help. We strive to help as many clients as possible with personal injury cases. Lonati Law Firm is eager to help you, too. We offer free consultations to discuss prospective client’s situations and legal options. Schedule yours today

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