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Automobile accidents can produce life-threatening, life-changing injuries. If you've been injured in a car accident, you need a skilled team of car accident lawyers in Dallas, Georgia, to handle your case. You might have extended hospitalization, be forced to miss work, sacrifice pay, and miss advancement opportunities. You may be left with astronomical medical expenses following release from the hospital. Some individuals have to declare bankruptcy to get relief from the medical debt that auto accidents can cause.

The desperation of these injuries can place pressure on victims to settle quickly with insurance companies. But insurance companies rarely have your well-being or financial fairness in mind.

They have one singular goal: to pay you as little as possible for the pain, suffering and loss of productivity you experienced due to your accident. That's why you need a trustworthy car accident lawyer in Dallas, GA. Our car accident lawyers in Dallas specialize in personal injury and will use all their skills to maximize your compensation and get you the justice you deserve.

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Guidance From an Auto Accident Attorney in Dallas, Georgia

5 Steps to Take After a Car Wreck

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Talk to a Dallas Car Accident Attorney

Before speaking with any insurance company, take advantage of a free case evaluation and consultation with our Dallas, GA car accident lawyers. Not every case requires an attorney or going to court, but if you've experienced an injury, you will most likely want to hire a car accident lawyer in Dallas, GA, to represent and protect you from the insurance companies.

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Do NOT Give a Recorded Statement

There is danger in speaking to any insurance company about your injuries. Insurance companies will pressure you to give a recorded statement. They will ask you how you are feeling, or ask you what injuries you have. They may seem friendly, but they will try to use anything you say to destroy your case. It would be wise not to talk about your injury claim until you speak to our Dallas car accident attorneys, the Lonati's.


Get Immediate Medical Treatment

See a medical professional after a Dallas, GA car accident. Make sure you mention every pain and injury you are experiencing to your doctor so that he or she can document it and help give you the best treatment plan. Not seeing a doctor right away to get checked out may send red flags to the insurance company, and ruin your injury claim.


Document Everything

Proving your injury claim starts with evidence. Taking pictures of the accident scene, your car, and your injuries can help document your accident. You will likely have several medical bills, receipts from prescriptions, and lost revenue from work. Make sure to keep a record of everything and give it to your Dallas, GA car accident lawyer. This can be used for documentation to make a solid case and calculate your compensation.


Record Injury and Treatment Progress

Keep a record of your pain and the adverse effects that the accident and injuries have caused in your life. In this log, keep track of all things that pertain to your personal injury case. Make sure not to miss any medical appointments and record your treatment progress.

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Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Dallas, GA?

Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys Mike Lonati Sr Mike Lonati Jr Tami Kelly

Assistance & Advice

Many accident victims have no idea how to protect their legal rights in court. They may not know what a compensation claim or a court trial involves. They know very little about Georgia's laws and how they can apply to specific situations.

Having a car accident lawyer in Dallas to turn to for advice and information is very important and helpful in dealing with the insurance company. An experienced lawyer will be able to answer your questions and assist in making the best decisions for your case. They will guide your steps and defend your claim every step of the way.

For these reasons and more, at Lonati Law Firm, we recommend hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in Dallas, GA. The sooner an attorney takes over your case, the more they can do for you. This is especially true since time limits and deadlines are significant factors in Dallas car accident claims. Call us at 678-363-3500 today!

Faster & Larger Settlement

After a car accident in Dallas, the insurance company may try to deny your claim or pay you as little as possible. They will take advantage of any lack of specific knowledge and expertise and may offer you much less compensation than you deserve. An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer will protect your rights after a car accident to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

The team at Lonati Law Firm can put together a strong case based on factual evidence. They will document all losses and negotiate the amount of the compensation until they receive a favorable settlement. If the insurance company doesn't offer fair compensation, they will not hesitate to file an appeal and take the case to court.

Easier Claims Process

To receive fair compensation to cover their losses, Dallas car accident victims have to file a claim. Whether they are filing a civil lawsuit or an insurance claim, the process can be pretty complicated.

It requires following various complicated procedures and meeting strict deadlines. Those who hire a car accident lawyer in Dallas will have an attorney to handle the paperwork for them, who knows how to follow the guidelines and inform them of their case status.

When you hire a lawyer, you will not have to worry about legal paperwork and deadlines, and you can focus on your recovery!

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Did you suffer injuries or other damages in a car accident? Let our car accident lawyer in Dallas evaluate your case for free!

Dallas Attorney Michael Lonati and his experienced legal team will answer your questions, explain your options, and take over all of your case's complicated legal work.

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Our Dallas Car Accident Case Reviews

top-rated personal injury lawyers in dallas

Elizabeth Y.

"Never being in an accident before, I did not know what to do or where to even start.  Michael and the office team were great! They gave me so much good advice and kept me informed. They made a horrible experience bearable."

Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas and Hiram Reviewstop-rated personal injury lawyers in dallas

MARcus D.

"I am very happy with how everything ended with my car accident case as well as how hard the attorneys fought to take care of me and make sure I had the best result."

top-rated personal injury lawyers in dallas

Valerie M.

"I would like to thank Micheal Lonati and his staff for all they did for us. They are extremely professional, caring and are there to help you every step of the way. I trusted him to do the best for me and he did not disappoint. "

Important Information About Insurance Companies and Your Dallas Car Accident

Insurance companies, as nice as they sound on the phone, are not your friend, and are not working in your favor. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible

Should I accept the Insurance Company settlement?

Insurance adjusters are highly trained professionals who represent the insurance company’s best interest: saving them money. DO NOT deal with the insurance company alone. Retain an attorney at Lonati Law Firm, P.C. who will fight hard to settle your case before trial or at trial to make certain that the insurance company pays the full value of your claim which you deserve.

Should I sign a release or other documents from the insurance company?

Before signing anything, be sure to contact a Dallas, GA personal injury attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. If you sign a release, you may be unable to recover damages.

dallas car accident attorneys lonati law

Should I give a recorded statement?

Not before talking to an attorney. Anything you say may be used and could be misconstrued, to hurt your case. Neither the other driver's insurance company nor yours wants to pay fairly. You must protect yourself.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas Who Are On Your Side



Common Questions About Our Car Accident Law Firm in Dallas, GA

Here are some of the questions our clients ask us at Lonati Law Firm. Have more questions? We can answer them during a free consultation.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer in Dallas Help Me?

Insurance companies want us to believe that they will be there for us when something terrible happens. But that's not how insurance really works. Insurance is a for-profit business.

To keep earnings high, insurance companies will suggest to you the least amount they can get away with, hoping you'll take the first offer and sign away your right to recover a higher amount in the future.

We have seen insurance companies using these tricks, among others:

  • Calling you to ask "friendly questions" that are actually designed to trick you into saying something that will damage your claim. For example, they could ask if "you are feeling better" or questions such as "how are you today." If you say, "Yes, I'm good," they might use your response to demonstrate that your injuries aren't as serious as you claim.
  • Offering you money immediately, before you have any idea of what your injuries will cost. Taking this money often means forfeiting your right to get any further compensation.
  • Blaming you for the accident or disputing the severity of your injuries.
  • Tricking you into signing papers that may take away your rights to future compensation for medical bills, etc.

Insurance agents are highly trained and skilled in these tactics. It's hard for many car accident victims to recognize these traps or know how to respond.

Hiring a Dallas car crash lawyer puts you on equal standing with the insurance company and its teams of lawyers. Often, just by hiring a lawyer, you may be offered more money.

What Expenses May Be Covered After an Accident?

In Georgia, you may be able to recover many of the expenses resulting from your accident. This means that in a standard case, you could recover the following:

  • Medical expenses such as hospitals, doctors, tests, and surgery
  • Car replacement or repair costs
  • Prescription costs for medications
  • Lost earnings to make up for the time you missed from work

In more severe cases, you may be able to obtain much more. You may be eligible for damages for pain and suffering or a disability the accident has caused you.

We know that this money can never bring back your health or the life you had before your injury. But we also know that the compensation you get can go a long way toward securing your care and providing for your family.

What is “Negligence?”

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care to prevent harm to others. A person is negligent if he or she does something that a reasonable careful person would not do in the same situation or fails to do something that a reasonable careful person would do in the same situation. If you have been injured by another’s negligence, please contact our office today for a Free Consultation.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Dallas Car Accident Attorney?

We don't think it's fair to ask you to pay out-of-pocket for an attorney, especially during a difficult time, such as after a car accident. So, at Lonati Law Firm:

  • Your first consultation is always free
  • You pay us nothing while we are working on your case*
  • You don't pay us at all if we don't win money for you*

If we get you compensation for your accident, we'll take a percentage out at the end to cover our fee - that's all. We take the risk so that injured victims can get legal help when they need it most.

*The client typically pays court costs and additional expenses of legal action. Contingent fees are not permitted in all types of cases.

Who Is Liable for My Injury After an Accident in Dallas, GA?

Georgia is an at-fault state, meaning the person or driver whose actions caused the collision or accident is responsible for all expenses. They are required to pay for the victim's lost wages, property damage, medical bills, and other costs that result from the accident. These losses are recognized legally as your damages.

In most car accidents in Dallas, the at-fault person's insurance company will pay for the costs. Often the insurance company will fight this and tries to pay less than what they are responsible for. This is one prominent area where a Dallas personal injury lawyer is priceless.

I have full coverage on my vehicle, why am I not being compensated?

Many drivers believe they have full coverage but they are not insured for certain situations. There are multiple different types of insurance coverage and failing to have a certain one may limit recovery. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage is coverage that compensates you when you are injured by an individual who has minimal insurance or no insurance at all. Medical payment coverage, also known as Medpay, pays your medical bills from a motor vehicle accident so that these expenses are not paid out of your pocket and you can maximize your recovery. Contact your insurance company and discuss what coverage you have, when the coverage is applicable and, if necessary hire an attorney if you believe your insurance company is trying to avoid paying a valid claim.

What if I Had a Hit-and-Run Accident?

For the injured victims of hit-and-run accidents, there are a few ways to gain compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost time at work.

Georgia is an at-fault state when it comes to accidents. This means the driver who caused the accident is considered at fault, and their insurance company is responsible for covering financial damages for the people they hit. For victims of hit-and-run accidents, however, it may be difficult to track down the driver who hit you.

In cases where the hit-and-run driver can’t be located, injured victims typically receive compensation for their injuries through their own insurance company. Motorists in at-fault states can purchase Uninsured Motorist (UMI) coverage as part of their insurance policy. This coverage can cover bodily injury, property damage or both. Unfortunately, most of these policies require the policyholder to pay a deductible to have their injuries or property damage covered.

Even when a hit-and-run driver is found, there's always a chance that he or she doesn’t have insurance, and thus cannot cover the cost of their victims’ injuries and property damage. In these cases, you can file a UIM claim with your own insurance company.

If the driver who hit you does have insurance, his or her insurance company will be responsible for covering financial damages related to the accident they caused. In the majority of cases, however, insurance companies offer the lowest possible financial settlement to injured victims. These settlements rarely offer fair or sufficient compensation to the injured party.

Because of this, it’s important for hit-and-run accident victims to contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Your attorney can evaluate your case and help you determine whether or not the insurance company’s settlement is too low. If it is too low, your attorney will help assemble and organize necessary evidence for a personal injury claim against the other driver.

Personal injury lawyers are versed in the complexities of hit-and-run cases. They can help you navigate the tricky process of getting fair financial compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

Lonati Law Firm in Dallas, Georgia is dedicated to fighting for the interests of injured victims and winning them the financial compensation they deserve.

Contact Lonati Law Firm today to get a free case evaluation.

Do You Need an Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident in Dallas, GA?

Every day in the United States, there are over 16,000 police-reported car crashes, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some of these accidents produce no injuries. Others leave drivers and passengers with grievous injuries. Others cause lifelong disability or even death.

Despite the numerous ways these collisions can occur, one fact remains, the vast majority of auto collisions, with injuries and without, are caused by driver error.

Oftentimes, one driver’s negligence and irresponsibility cause extended suffering, lost work, and mounting medical bills for other drivers. Unfortunately, with the speed of events and confusion that follows a serious collision, many victims of reckless or careless drivers don’t gather the evidence they need to mount a strong legal case.

Have you been injured in a car wreck that was caused by the negligence or carelessness of another driver? A road construction oversight? A defective car part? 

You shouldn’t be saddled with life-changing medical debt and other expenses. Here’s why you need a car wreck lawyer for injury accidents in Georgia.

Car Wreck Injuries Can Cost Thousands of Dollars

According to the NHTSA, motor vehicle crashes contributed to almost $1 trillion in loss of productivity in the United States in 2010 alone.

In addition to the loss of wages, people in car accidents often sustain life-threatening injuries. These injuries can prevent them from returning to full-time work, even long after the accident. They may need extended hospitalization that leaves them with mounting medical debt. Others are forced to file for bankruptcy.

From 2007 to 2012, the average economic loss experienced by individuals injured in car accidents grew by 8 percent. The cost of auto collision injuries (including loss of wages, medical expenses, and other expenses) regularly outpaces the rate of inflation.

These injuries are expensive, both in terms of property damage and bodily injury. Don’t depend on insurance companies to pay you what you deserve--and need--in the aftermath of an auto accident injury.

How Could a Dallas Car Accident Attorney Help You With an Accident Case?

There are several car accident injury cases that demand a personal injury attorney in Georgia. Here’s a few of them:

  • If you suspect that the individual who hit you was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • If the individual who hit you was a truck driver who was driving irresponsibly
  • If you suffered severe injuries or were hospitalized for a long period of time
  • You wrecked as a result of a defective vehicle or vehicle part

The statute of limitations on personal injuries makes it imperative that you seek out a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. You have two years from the date of the incident to file your claim.

What Is Personal Injury Law and How Does it Affect a Car Accident?

Unlike criminal law, personal injury law isn’t focused on sending a person to jail. Instead, it involves individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another. In these cases, the victims are typically seeking financial compensation for their injury, medical bills, and other related costs.

Personal injuries can be any type of accident, from a Dallas car accident to a semi-truck accident to a slip-and-fall accident.

The court can rule that one party committed a tort, which is a wrongful act, and owes the victim financial compensation. These torts may occur when people violate a part of the law directly resulting in injuries. This could include anything from not having their dog on a leash to rolling through a stoplight without stopping.

Personal Injury Auto Accidents

People sometimes ask if their auto accident is eligible for a personal injury case. They may believe that insurance companies will handle everything in their best interest. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and any accident could be eligible for a personal injury case. Most cases, however, involve one of the following:

  • Big truck accidents
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless behavior behind the wheel

About 2.3 million Americans are injured or disabled yearly due to these and other auto accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured, there are a few things you should know about a potential personal injury lawsuit.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident in Dallas, GA?

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident caused by the actions of another driver, you’ll want to seek immediate medical care for injuries. Failing to do so may make it more difficult to receive appropriate compensation later down the road. Keep track of receipts for everything from medical bills to gas costs for driving to doctor appointments.

After receiving medical attention, contact a personal injury attorney immediately. Insurance companies are skilled at getting victims to accept less compensation than they deserve. You need an experienced attorney on your side to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another driver, contact Lonati Law Firm today so we can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Auto accidents are unexpected, scary, and stressful. Even the most careful drivers can find themselves involved in an accident.  When it happens, it’s an indescribable feeling and emotions are often high. If you’ve never been in an accident, knowing what to do next can be overwhelming.

To be prepared for the moments following a Dallas car accident, check our list of tips below.

Seek Medical Treatment for Your Injuries

If you are injured in any way following a car accident, it is vital to seek medical treatment immediately. The adrenaline most people feel during and immediately after an accident can minimize the pain or severity of any injuries. Check yourself for cuts, bruises, contusions, or other signs of injury, and report these to police officers who arrive at the scene. This will ensure that your injuries are recorded in the police report of the accident.

Medical treatment is also important for injuries that don't produce immediate pain or visible external damage to the body.

Many injuries are considered latent (meaning they don't cause pain or inflammation until hours or days after the injury is sustained).  Whiplash, neck injuries, sprains, and internal trauma may not be immediately noticeable, but they can cause serious long-term issues if they aren't properly treated.

Remain Calm

Although it might be difficult, it’s important that you try to remain calm after a car accident.

Take deep breaths, and focus on getting your heart rate and stress levels under control. Being in a more relaxed, less emotional state will help you obtain information, provide information, and contact the correct people in a timely manner following an accident. It may also help you pay attention to any injuries or physical pain you're experiencing after an accident occurs.

Stay at the Scene

You should never leave the scene of an accident until it’s appropriate to do so. If someone has sustained injuries or has been killed, you could face serious criminal penalties for being a hit-and-run driver.

Check On All Drivers and Passengers

Before you assess any damage to your vehicle, make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay. If you are in need of medical attention, don’t move. If you are able to, obtain medical attention for anyone involved in the accident who needs it. Any parties who are unconscious or who have neck or back pain should not be moved until EMTs arrive unless there’s a hazard that requires them to be moved.

If you can turn on your vehicle's hazard lights to alert oncoming traffic to the presence of your damaged vehicle.

Report the Accident to Police

Georgia law states that if an individual causes a motor vehicle accident that results in bodily injury or damage to another person’s property that totals more than $500.00, he or she must immediately report the accident to local authorities. If the person who caused the accident doesn’t call the police immediately, you should call yourself.

Refrain from making any statements about the extent of your injuries to the police officers who report to the scene of the accident. Anything you say will be included in the police report and can be damaging to your legal case in the future.

The person who caused the collision may ask you to give police a different version of what happened to save themselves legal trouble. He or she may also lie to the police about what happened to avoid being found at fault.

It’s important to be prepared for both of these possibilities by immediately documenting details and creating a cohesive account of exactly what happened.

Gathering Information After a Car Accident in Dallas

Following an injury from an auto wreck, it’s important to gather the information you’ll need to make your case.

  • Get a copy of the motor vehicle police report and contact information for the responding officer or officers.
  • Take down the full name, phone number, and address of the individual who is at fault for the collision.
  • Take multiple photos of the scene, your vehicle and the at-fault person’s vehicle.
  • Be sure to get the other driver’s insurance information.

When taking photographs of the vehicles, be careful to include their positions and locations on the road. Take photos of each vehicle’s license plate. Finally, document any injuries you have sustained. If they are easy to see, such as bruises or cuts, take photos of them.

You can also take a video of the accident scene to provide further context for the position and condition of your vehicle immediately following the crash.

Gather the following items after your car accident in Dallas, GA:

Take Pictures

Be sure to take pictures of both vehicles and the damage as soon as possible after the accident. Take pictures of the position of both cars before they are driven or towed away from the scene of the accident. Photos can help your insurance company determine how much you should be compensated for the damages to your vehicle. Photos from the accident scene could also help in a court case related to your accident and injuries.

Exchange Contact Information With The Other Drivers Involved

Collect the following information from all parties and vehicles involved in the car accident:

  • Nameaddressphone number and driver's license number
  • Insurance information - Company name, policy number, name of policy holder
  • Vehicle information - VIN number, make, model, and license plate number


Be sure to document (with receipts and invoices) any medical costs you incur as a result of your accident. This includes co-pays, ER visit fees, follow-up visits, and any medical equipment or medication you purchase to treat your injury.

Find a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Who Specializes in Car Accident Injury Cases

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

It is vital that you speak to an attorney before negotiating a settlement, as you may be missing out on important financial damages that could help you recover, both physically and financially, after a wreck.

Don't accept a small or insufficient settlement from any insurance company, including your own. Remember: insurance companies have one goal when offering settlements to victims injured in car accidents: to pay them as little as possible for their pain, medical bills, lost property, and suffering.

Speaking to an attorney can help you adjust your insurance claim or personal injury claim to reflect the amount you actually deserve.

Let Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Help You Recover Compensation

A car wreck with an injury is a huge personal and physical hurdle. Sometimes, a collision will leave you with injuries that affect you for years.

If another driver’s negligence or irresponsibility caused a car wreck that left you without a car, injured, in pain, unable to work, and in need of expensive medical care, the other driver should be held accountable for their actions, and you should be compensated.

It’s important to find a lawyer that will work aggressively and knowledgeably to win you what you deserve. Lonati Law Firm has been helping Georgia residents win personal injury and auto collision cases for over 20 years, and we can help you navigate your case, too.

Lonati Law Firm in Dallas, Georgia specializes in auto collision injury cases. We will work tirelessly to win you the money you deserve for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of another driver’s carelessness.

Contact us today to learn more about Lonati Law Firm and how we can help you win your auto accident injury case in Dallas.




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