Hiring a Lawyer Could Get You

3.5x More Money

After a Car Wreck*

*Source: 2014 Insurance Research Council Study

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Hiring a Dallas or Hiram, GA  Lawyer Could Get You
For your Accident Case

The Insurance Research Council did a study to compare how much injured victims received for similar injury cases when they hired an attorney and when they went without an attorney. People who were represented by a personal injury lawyer received almost three and a half times more (this was even after the attorney was paid).

Below are just a few ways a Hiram personal injury lawyer may help you get more money:

1. We Will Track Down the At-fault Party

2. We Will Protect You from Insurance Traps

3. We Will Assess the Worth of Your Injury Case

4. We Will Examine the Scene of the Wreck

5. We Will Go To Court and We Are Trial-Ready

6. We Know Georgia-specific Laws

Don't Make These Mistakes After a Dallas, GA Car Accident

these mistakes could cost you thousands

Not Calling the Police

Not Getting Medical Attention

Not Gathering Evidence

Posting About Your Accident or Injuries on Social Media

Giving a Recorded Statement

Leaving the Accident Scene

Admitting Fault

Not Reporting Your Accident to Your Insurance Company

Trusting an Insurance Adjuster

Accepting the First Settlement Offer

Get More Money for Your Dallas, GA Car Accident Case*

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Why Can't You Just Trust the Insurance Company to Handle Your Case?

Why do injured victims who settle claims on their own receive so much less? It is simply because insurance companies are NOT on the victim's side. They are not your friends, no matter how friendly they may seem.

Insurance companies are businesses whose primary purpose is to make a profit. The only way for them to do this is by collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible to injured victims.

In addition, insurance agents are trained to use a whole host of tricks to avoid paying personal injury claims. For example, they may call you repeatedly and request a recorded statement, only to use your words against you and deny your claim.

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